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A portal for resources and learning on person-centred care

“Adrian Sieff introduces the Health Foundation’s new person-centred care resource centre, designed to help health professionals, teams and services implement a more person-centred healthcare system.” Read more at,2082A,AU4UFX,77SIO,1 Continue reading

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£3 million Dementia Consortium launched (Alzheimer’s Research UK). Sign Up Now!!!

Originally posted on MMU Research and Knowledge Exchange Blog:
£3m Dementia Consortium launched to boost dementia drug discovery After the first G8 summit on dementia research was held yesterday in the UK ( , a new £3 million Dementia Consortium is being launched bringing together research experts from the charitable, academic and private sectors to expedite…

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The impact of exercise projects to promote mental wellbeing

“This study investigates whether exercise projects, funded by the time to change anti-stigma programme to reduce mental health-related stigma and discrimination in England, can improve wellbeing, participation in physical activity, readiness to disclose mental health problems or perceived reduction in levels of stigma and discrimination.” View the abstract: Continue reading