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Social and emotional wellbeing for children and young people

“This briefing summarises NICE’s recommendations for local authorities and partner organisations on social and emotional wellbeing for children and young people, specifically, vulnerable children aged under 5 years and all children in primary and secondary education. It is particularly relevant to health and wellbeing boards.” Read more at: Advertisements Continue reading

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Good practice in joint health and wellbeing strategies: a self-evaluation tool for health and wellbeing boards

“This practical self-evaluation tool is designed to provide guidance on good practice in planning, developing and delivering joint health and wellbeing strategies, based around key questions to consider and top tips on approaches that might be taken.” Read more at: Continue reading

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New NICE briefing to help local authorities improve people’s health while also saving money

How councils can benefit from the win-win situation of improving people’s health whilst also saving money is the subject of a new public health briefing from NICE, published today (Wednesday 25 September).  Read more at Continue reading

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Public health matters: new blog launched

“PHE’s first posts reflect on completing the public health family and Professor Kevin Fenton’s 10 principles for great health marketing.” Read a government press release here: View the blog here: Continue reading

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Cutting womb cancer cases in the UK

“”World Cancer Research Fund International’s Continuous Update Project (CUP) found strong evidence that about 3,700 cases could be prevented every year if women were active for 38 minutes a day and maintained a healthy body weight (between 18.5 and 25 BMI).” Read the press release here: Continue reading