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Seeing it from Both Sides: Do Approaches to Involving Patients in Improving Their Safety Risk Damaging the Trust between Patients and Healthcare Professionals? An Interview Study

Originally posted on Patient Safety Horizon Scanning:
Source:  PLoS One vol/iss 8/11 pp.e80759 Follow this link for item Date of publication:  November 2013 Publication type:  Journal article In a nutshell:  In this study, researchers from England examined the views of patients, families and professionals about patients being more involved in safety improvement. Patients, families and professionals were generally positive…

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A portal for resources and learning on person-centred care

“Adrian Sieff introduces the Health Foundation’s new person-centred care resource centre, designed to help health professionals, teams and services implement a more person-centred healthcare system.” Read more at,2082A,AU4UFX,77SIO,1 Continue reading