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Behaviour and Information Technology: Knowledge Sharing

A special knowledge sharing issue of the journal of Behaviour and Information Technology. Articles include: Towards sharing life-log information with society Understanding knowledge sharing between IT professionals – an integration of social cognitive and social exchange theory Experience differences and continuance intention of blog sharing A unified model of knowledge sharing behaviours: theoretical development and … Continue reading

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Outreach Tips by Rosalind McNally

Originally posted on LIHNN Clinical Librarians :
Understand the culture of your organisation and the NHS Where does your work sit in the story of that organisation and the community? Take time to listen to people and sit down face-to-face. Over time this can be a good way to build reputation alongside proactive publicity. If you…

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44 new topics added to Clinical Knowledge Summaries

Originally posted on Trust Library Services – here for you:
The Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) service is a point of care resource providing summaries for primary care.  It’s now available for tablets and smartphones. CKS is included in the Evidence Update page and there’s more detail about the new topics here.

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Top Tips to Setting up a literature searching service by Tracey Pratchett

Originally posted on LIHNN Clinical Librarians :
After working in the FE sector; providing a literature searching service was a new skillset. Finding and packaging information to help users get on with the day job was not something which I did regularly. I had a lot of help from colleagues in the early days and if…