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Top Tips to Setting up a literature searching service by Tracey Pratchett

LIHNN Clinical Librarians

After working in the FE sector; providing a literature searching service was a new skillset. Finding and packaging information to help users get on with the day job was not something which I did regularly. I had a lot of help from colleagues in the early days and if you get stuck contact one of the many networks e.g. LIS-MEDICAL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK or CLIN-LIB@JISCMAIL.AC.UK or arrange a visit as people are happy to help.


Receiving the Question: Search requests may be received via printed forms, online forms (Wufoo or SurveyMonkey), email requests and in person via the library or meetings. I use a combination of these to make the service accessible to all staff. As a bare minimum I ask for:

  • Name / Department / Organisation /Contact details
  • A detailed description of the question and alternative key words (some people use PICO)
  • What the information will inform (Direct patient…

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