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World’s largest cancer database launched by PHE

Cancer Database Launched by Public Health England

Older People Living with Cancer

The world’s largest single database of cancer patients is being set up by Public Health England in a major step forward to harnessing the power of data to revolutionise care.

This new service, announced today at PHE’s National Cancer Intelligence Network ‘Cancer Outcomes’ Conference, will deliver near real-time cancer data and contain detailed clinical information on all 350,000 cancers diagnosed each year across the 50 million people in England. It will also include more than 11 million historical cancer records going back 30 years.

This single cancer registry follows the completion of a five-year project to merge the eight cancer registries in England into a centrally managed network of registry offices working to common standards and processes. This network is now overseen by PHE.

For the first time cancer specialists across the country will have instant access to detailed clinical data, including the way tumours respond to different types of…

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