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Learning providers: add your voice to the development of the Quality Mark

With pressure on budgets, every penny spent on education and training has to be worth the investment. Employers need to maximise their return from any investment in learning and development. They must have confidence that what is commissioned is appropriate, effective and value for money.

Skills for Health is considering a Quality Mark Scheme aimed at giving employers and education commissioners greater assurance and confidence when investing in training and development; ensuring that what is offered is employer-led and meets a defined standard of quality.

Following several employer specific engagement events we are now very keen to consult with providers of learning and development. During November, we are holding a number of engagement events which will be of particular interest to Learning and Development providers, Workforce Development and Organisational Development leads from across the UK, NHS, Independent and Voluntary sectors. These events will inform the development of the Quality Mark and the Role Redesign for Support Worker projects, so your input will be of great value.

If you would like to register to attend one of these events click here


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