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A Dignified Revolution

The Dignified Revolution website is the website of the Dignified Revolution campaign. Their  tag line is ‘ ensuring that older people are cared for with dignity and respect’. The ‘about us’ section of the site says:

“A Dignified Revolution is focused on:

  • ensuring that the dignity and respect of older people is a key priority for all health and social care professionals
  • encouraging the general public to challenge rather than tolerate unacceptable attitudes and inappropriate care

Many nurses provide outstanding care.  However, the attitude and behaviour of some nurses when caring for vulnerable older people does not reflect the duty of care that they have towards their patients. The experience of many of those involved in A Dignified Revolution is that some nurses do not consider that basic nursing care is part of their role.  Instead, they consider it is the role of the healthcare assistant.

A Dignified Revolution is calling on the NHS to:

  • train all their staff in dignity and respect
  • train their staff to communicate with older people
  • invest in independent advocacy services for older people and their relatives.  This is particularly important for those involved in continuing care assessments
  • develop an independent mystery visitor service to audit practice at ward level
  • provide patient support services in all hospitals and ensure that patients and relatives know how to access them
  • involve service users in hospital staff induction programmes so that staff are educated in what the public expects
  • report protection of vulnerable adults (POVA) incidents through the appropriate channels”

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