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To what extent does the oral shift report stimulate learning among nursing students? A qualitative study

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The aim of this study was to describe oral shift reporting and to discuss whether it stimulates learning for nursing students in clinical rotations in nursing homes. The goal was to investigate aspects that are important for oral shift report to be instructive for nursing students.


The study features both field work with field notes and qualitative research interviews was conducted in 2006. Twelve third-year nursing students and their supervising nurses (n = 11) participated in the study.


The nursing students described a range of experiences with oral shift reports. Some perceived little educational benefit from the oral shift reports, while others felt that both the form and the content of the oral shift reports were useful. The students’ experiences corroborated the statements provided by the supervising nurses in the nursing homes.


We conclude that oral shift reporting may be an important learning opportunity. This is especially true when nursing students engage in professional discussions with their colleagues and superiors. Our findings suggest solutions to improve the learning value of the oral shift reporting process for nursing students.


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