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Practical tools for survival beyond 2013 Driving organizational improvement in the digital information economy

First in a series of Workshops – Oxford, UK – 31 January 2013 – by InfoEthicsUK and Greynet International.

Librarians and information professionals live and work in challenging economic times. Their organizations must be nimble, proactive and innovative as they emerge from the downturn. The knowledge worker’s role is pivotal to ensure survival. Grey literature – viewed in the past by some as peripheral – is now ever more relevant.  Now more than ever is the time to understand it.

This Workshop on Information Ethics and Grey Literature will focus on emerging shared concerns. It is aimed at information professionals, librarians, archivists, records and knowledge managers at all levels and in all sectors involved in the management of information resources.

We will focus on key emerging shared concerns: 

peer review

digital preservation




equitable pricing.


  • Effective identification and resolution of ethical dilemmas
  • Better decision-making and advisory skills
  • Better understanding of the role of professional Codes of Practice
  • Understanding risk management and compliance
  • Enhanced reputation for you and your organization
  • Improved due diligence and professional practice

All delegates will take away a Personal and Organizational Action Plan and Workbook. 

Outline program:

  • Perspectives from the Grey Literature community
  • Case studies
  • Shared concerns
  • Drafting a consensus
  • Review and Action Plan 


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